Special Needs Dentistry

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We strongly encourage and welcome those with special needs children to visit us and make use of the services we offer. Many children with special needs are very susceptible to decay, gum disease and oral trauma. Others require medications and have diets that are detrimental to good oral health. This is all complicated by the difficulty in managing behaviors at home that will enable appropriate oral hygiene measures. Those with significant medical, physical, or mental disabilities often present unique challenges. We believe that our specialty training and motivation enables us to treat your child successfully. We hope you will take advantage of our expertise, maximizing on our ability to give your child the opportunity for better oral health.

For more information oral care for patients with Autism, please click on the link below.

Autism Oral Care

D-Termined Program Video

This 12 minute video provides the basic concepts of the D-Termined Program, which is a behavioral approach to helping young patients with autism to learn the skills required for successful dental visits. While it does not work for all, it can be a valuable tool.